Centricity Vision

Centricity Vision, Inc. is a global ophthalmic technology company focused on providing innovative solutions to help surgeons achieve excellence. The company’s ZEPTO® Precision Cataract Surgery platform adds a new level of safety and precision. ZEPTO® is unique in its ability to produce an automated anterior capsulotomy which is intraoperatively centered on the patient’s visual axis, optimizing cataract surgery outcomes.

A 510k clinical study cleared by the FDA, enrolled 100 patients and was successfully conducted at eight US sites. This study proved safety and efficacy, demonstrating a consistent capsulotomy diameter of 5.2mm with no capsule abnormalities. The company’s intellectual property position is strong, with 20 patents issued and 16 more pending. The management team is seasoned with deep experience in medical device development and commercialization.

ZEPTO® adds a new level of safety and precision to all cataract surgeries. Over 40,000 cases have been performed worldwide. ZEPTO® has been used successfully in monofocal implant cases, as well as patients demanding precise results from their premium IOL procedures.

The recent financing led by DeCheng Capital allows Centricity Vision, Inc. to build on the ZEPTO® platform, leverage our extensive IP portfolio and continue to develop innovative, synergistic products to benefit cataract surgery.

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