Michael Sena

Michael Sena is an accomplished Chemical Engineer with expertise in nanomaterials and photocatalysis for solar fuel production. With a recent completion of his PhD program in Chemical Engineering at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Brazil, Michael has focused on developing heterostructured photocatalysts based on halide perovskites and bismuthene.

During his doctoral studies, Michael spent 16 months at Imperial College London collaborating with Prof. Salvador Eslava on the application of his photocatalysts for CO2 reduction into methane and hydrogen. Additionally, he has accrued two years of teaching experience in Chemistry at IFCE College, where he lectured secondary and undergraduate students and co-managed an extension project on water quality.

Currently serving as an Executive Assistant at Calilia Limited, Michael contributes his talents to the field of medical robotics with AI for dermatological and aesthetic procedures. His skill set encompasses Chemical Analysis, Quality Control Reporting, Materials Science, and Data Analysis. He has also obtained multiple certifications from Coursera in Data Analysis. Fluent in Portuguese and English, Michael is proficient in Spanish and has showcased his research in publications featured by OSA Publishing.