This year’s forums will be hybrid, allowing for greater global exposure, while allowing us to meet in-person. We look forward to welcoming you virtually or in-person on the day.



Principe di Savoia, Milan, Italy (website)

Thur. 15 Sept.  2022

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07:45 - 08:20


08:20 - 08:30

Welcome from the Co-chairs


Keith Barton
Kuldev Singh

08:30 - 08:40

Market Overview


Michael Giaquinto

08:40 - 09:10

Drug Delivery for Ocular Disease: Has there been Progress?


Eugene de Juan
Keith Barton


Colin Francou
Doug Hubatsch
George Ousler
Marcos Rivas
Michael Goldstein
Parisa Zamiri


09:10 - 10:10

Company Presentations 1

• Polyactiva | Russell Tait
• EYE-GO A/S | Henrik Nagel
• Eyenovia | Beth Scott
• Max Biology | Beth Scott
• Ocuphire Pharma | Mina Sooch
• Tarsier Pharma | Ruti Friedel
• IVERIC Bio | Dhaval Desai
• Novartis Pharma AG | Michela Montecchi-Palmer


10:10 - 10:40

Will Corneal Endothelial Cell Implantation and Other Novel Approaches Make Keratoplasty Procedures Obsolete?


Jodhbir Singh Mehta
Mor Dickman


Almog Aley-Raz
Greg Kunst
Laura de Benito-Llopis
Nahum Ferera
Shigeru Kinoshita

10:40 - 11:10

Networking Break

11:10 - 12:20

Company Presentations 2

• EyeYon Medical | Sharon Bakalash
• CorNeat Vision | Almog Aley-Raz
• Nicox Ophthalmics, Inc. | Doug Hubatsch
• Vialase, Inc. | Shawn O’Neil
• ELIOS Vision | Cameron Hudson
• iStar Medical | Michel Vanbrabant
• Sanoculis Ltd | Nir Israeli
• Ciliatech | Olivier Benoit


12:50 - 13:40

Networking Lunch

13:40 - 14:10

Is the Emergence of the Ophthalmologist Investor in Eye Companies Good for Meaningful Innovation within the Ecosystem?


Sheraz Daya
Elizabeth Yeu


Andrew Chang
Ehsan Sadri
Laurent Attias
Richard Lindstrom

14:10 - 14:40

The Impact of Inflation and Market Correction on Ophthalmic Innovation


Kuldev Singh
Stuart Raezman


Charles Hess
Jeannette Bankes
Warren Foust
William Link

14:40 - 15:40

Company Presentations 3

• Medevise Consulting | Kristine Morrill
• Thea open Innovation | Colin Francou
• Overture | Duncan Welling
• Inifinte Medical Ventures | Sheraz Daya
• Machine MD | Dominc Senn
• Dive Medical | Alejandro Noceda
• Novasight Ltd. | Ran Yam
• Blink Energy | Yariv Baron


15:40 - 16:10

Networking Break

16:10 - 16:50

The Global Public Health Problems of Uncorrected Myopia - Is Surgery a Serious Competitor to Non-Surgical Options?


Arthur Cummings
Mark Bullimore


Ashiyana Nariani
Charles Willamson
Dirk Muehlhoff
Franck Leveiller
Olga Prenat
Osama Ibrahim
Xiao-Yu Song

16:50 - 17:30

Company Presentations 4

• Dopavision | Mark Wuttke
• Allotex, Inc. | Michael Mrochen
• Photon Therapeutics Ltd. | Sunil Shah
• Acufocus, Inc. | Yari Mitchell
• Excel-Lens, Inc. | David Mordaunt


17:30 - 18:00

Investment Panel - Biotech versus Medtech Return on Investment in Ophthalmology


Nik Economopoulos


Alex Pasteur
Dmitrij Hristodorov
Florian Muellershausen
Katya Smirnyagina
Michael Giaquinto
Tiziana Rossetti

18:00 - 18:30

Phaco Instrumentation - Has the Technology Peaked or Will be see Disruptive Change in the 2020's


David Chang
Gerd Auffarth


David Spalton
Leonard Borrmann
MK Raheja
Samuel Masket
Seba Leoni
Sunil Shah
Thorsten Tritschler

18:30 - 19:25

Company Presentations 5 - The Shark Tank


Keith Barton


Florian Muellershausen
Laurent Attias
Nik Economopoulos
Tiziana Rossetti


Greg Kunst|Aurion Biotech
Lisa Kleintjens | IMCustomeye
Pablo Artal | Voptica S.L.

19:25 - 19:30

Summary and Concluding Remarks from the Co-Chairs

19:30 - 20:30

Networking Reception

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The Fontenay Hotel, Hamburg, Germany (website)

Wed. 31 Aug. 2022

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