Our 2024 forums will take place in Spain at the Esferic, Barcelona


Panel titles for our 2024 forums*

European Forum
(Everything Except Retina)

  • Panel 1: Has MIGS put Glaucoma Pharma Innovation to Sleep?
  • Panel 2: The Premium Cataract Surgery Channel in Europe vs Other Regions
  • Panel 3: Will Novel Dry Eye Therapies Really Make a Difference?
  • Panel 4: Front of the Eye Gene & Cell Therapy: Outlook for the Second Quarter of the 21st Century
  • Panel 5: Investment Panel: Merges, Acquisitions & Disappointments in Ophthalmology
  • Panel 6: A View from the Top: Inspiring Innovation in Ophthalmology
  • Panel 7: Truly Accommodative IOLs: Time for Another Go?
  • Panel 8: Patient vs Provider Centric Biotech & Medtech Innovation

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Retina Forum

  • Panel 1: Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors & Other Novel Mechanisms for the Treatment of Neovascular AMD: Is There Unmet Need?
  • Panel 2: The Impact of Extended Duration with Injections on Novel Drug Delivery Approaches for Neovascular AMD
  • Panel 3: Drugs versus non pharmacologic therapies for Slowing Myopia Progression
  • Panel 4: When will AI Guided Therapy for Retinal Disease Evolve from Interesting to Essential?
  • Panel 5: The Retina Business: Do the Few Wins Justify the Many Losses?
  • Panel 6: Gene & Cell Therapy Outlook for Back of the Eye Diseases: Is this Really a Business?
  • Panel 7: The End of an Era: Retina Pharma Innovation Following the Retirement of an Icon
  • Panel 8: GA & Other Dry AMD Therapies: What Lies Ahead in Europe & Beyond?

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*Panel titles and content may be subject to change.



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